Kiss Me
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I’ve fallen for your eyes 

But they don’t know me yet 

And the feeling I forget 

I’m in love now 

Kiss me like you wanna be loved 

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You guys are fed up with the drama? that’s cute wait till world cup starts then you will see world war 3

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Winners of 2014 UEFA Champions League for the 10th time.

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xabi alonso is us

and we are all xabi alonso

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Real Madrid supporters in Lisbon, before the game starts.

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WC song
WC song
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if you love football, you’ll listen to this, and you’ll understand.

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"Arbeloa has dedicated La Decima to a Real Madrid fan who died in the tragedy of Santiago."

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they can’t make la decima jokes anymore, bye bitches, call me when your team wins 10 cl cups


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There are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare with supporting Real Madrid.

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*widely appears sliding through the grass like Bale*

Just a quick remimder that La Décima happened in Estádio da Luz, Lisboa (Lisbon) aka this amazing place

The best fucking stadium to win such important trophy <3

*slides off like a proud Portuguese* *drops mic* *takes a bow*

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